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Dreams Academy / Kaş

http://argentineproductions.com/vivamus-lacus-augue-sodales/feed/ Dreams Academy Kaş is a village academy that has been active in the old Çukurbağ Primary School since 2013. It provides free education, production and common life services with alternative, innovative and sustainable methods for people who experience communal discrimination, especially because of chronic diseases and disabilities. All of the works in the academy are voluntary.

http://inourhands.com/therapeutic-tools/trendspotting-colouring-pages-adults/?relatedposts=1 As an Alternative Life Center, it’s an umbrella organization that assembles 4 main concepts.



buy phentermine imprint e5000 With the intermediation of sports being the most important applied examples of social change, ALTERNATIVE CAMP has been offering sports, education, integration and holiday camping since 2002.

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buy real phentermine 37.5 online Until today, this project has been hosting more than 8000 youngsters with disabilities and those who are socially disadvantaged and more than a thousand local and foreign volunteers. For the sake of spreading the Alternative Camp’s model country-wide, AYDER has been going to cities such as Van, Sinop, Fatsa, Artin based on their demands and has been providing support to non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) about the necessary location accessibility for the camping practice they will organize in their region and the collaboration to be made with the local organizations and institutions.

http://rolemasterblog.com/page/3/ For the sake of spreading the Alternative Camp’s model country-wide, AYDER has been going to cities such as Van, Sinop, Fatsa, and Artvin based on their demands and has been providing support to the non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) there by providing the necessary location access they need for the camping practices they will organize and the collaborations they will make with the local organizations and institutions.


DREAMS ACADEMY has been giving free education of all types of stage arts, plastic and visual arts to the individuals with disabilities who are ignored and excluded from the education process by the private and public institutions due to their elitist policies and prejudices, which are giving culture and arts education.

http://leedsunitedtrust.com/announcements/lufc-response-to-ticket-prices/ By means of Dreams Academy education; culture art and production related groups has been created such as Dusler Kumpanyasi (Dreams Troupe), Social Inclusion Band and Dusler Mutfagi (Dreams Kitchen) and the social integration has been provided to individuals with disabilities.


SOCIAL INNOVATION PARK is the production and sharing environment for the society’s leaders, social innovators, and civil initiators that are developing and executing projects with the goal of producing innovative solutions to the society’s social issues.

phentermine mexico Being a project of “Learning by experience”, Dreams Academy Kas is the new meeting point that meets all the demands of Turkey’s social innovation candidates in order to preserve and strengthen the universal design and natural structure.


ECOLOGIC LIVING is the sustainable and natural life cycle based on being an agricultural production environment.

By using the 3500 SQM farm in the academy, we strive to provide all the agricultural necessities of the academy without using any chemical substances and without consuming any industrial food. Instead of following the modern urban lifestyle, we also adopt ecological living principles, using renewable energy solutions.

The main principle of the academy;

Volunteerism (volunteering)

phentermine mexico Volunteers are the most leading and dynamic powers of social change. People who dedicate their short or long term quality time to an initiative that they believe in are the new role models and knights despite the consumption societies. The most important sustainability guarantee of the social change projects is the volunteering programs.

Respecting diversity

buy phentermine generic online Living without distinguishing people according to their (dis)abilities, their monetary power, ethnic roots or cultural backgrounds and respecting all kinds of diversity are the main components of our united universal fraternity, equal rights and opportunities approach. Living equally without barriers is a way of existence and “nothing humanistic is unfamiliar to us”.

Gratuitous Sharing

http://nmca-nm.org/?wholesalejerseys-7095_html Everything is based on purchasing and consuming all the time.. Yet, knowing how to give and share what is available is the true wealth. Our accumulated experience, knowledge and feelings are open for sharing without expecting anything in return.

Intercultural interaction

Technology speeds up the virtual communication. We need cross interaction without alienating from the authenticities of other cultures and geographies, shared communal spaces and dreams without borders to build bridges in between. In order to have a meaningful and productive common life cycle, an unprejudiced and unwavering acceptance filter of different cultures, local living habits and different expectations unite us. Resisting alienation!

Positive Thinking

http://pittsbororoadhouse.com/jim-quick-coastline-at-the-pittsboro-roadhouse/ Each day, economic crises, unemployment, environmental pollution, poverty and wars turn the world into an unbearable place like a global domino effect. The predicament of the existing systems drives humanity into darkness. Social change inevitably imposes itself and positive thinking raises humanity’s hope for the future and makes people understand that change starts in them. Let’s be the change first what we want to see in the world.

Universal design

We need to redesign the world for everyone. Universal design is for everyone against all the landscaping and building design, product development and concept that ignore individuals and communities with permanent and temporary disabilities under the definitions of “normal”. Access with equal opportunities is essential for every aspect of social living.

Innovative production

online phentermine doctors In search for an escape from the increasing levels of social problems in the 21st century despite the fast and enormous developments in technology, social entrepreneurship opens an alternative door. Alternative, innovative and sustainable enterprises are turning into a kind of a revolutionary movement. It is inevitable to switch to innovative ideas and execution instead of classic, conservative, formal, ideological and uniform approaches. We rely on creative and innovative social entrepreneurship alternatives in all production stages from idea generation to industrial design products.

Our Journey


While being affected by Captain Cousteau’s Ocean’s “Liberating Power” themed documentary and thinking that oceans and seas have liberating effects on people with disabilities, Ercan Tutal decided to implement the project “Diving is Freedom” in 1997 with the personal initiative to target people with disabilities, which was the first project of its kind in Turkey. More than 3000 people with different disabilities had the chance to experience the feeling of freedom underwater.
Affected by Captain Cousteau’s Ocean’s “Liberating Power” themed documentary, Ercan Tutal began to think that oceans and seas have liberating effects on people with disabilities. In 1997, he decided to implement the project “Diving is Freedom” with the personal initiative to target people with disabilities, which was the first project of its kind in Turkey. More than 3000 people with different disabilities had the chance to experience the feeling of freedom underwater.

Alternative Camp has started in 2002 with the individual financial support of a businessman. Including diving programs in this project, an infrastructure of sports, education, holiday and integration has been formed for people with disabilities and different special needs. Alternative Camp has set up the infrastructure for all types of sports activities such as swimming, snorkeling, free diving, scuba diving, water gymnastics, most other water sports, artificial climbing, beach volleyball, bocce, morning aerobics, basketball, badminton, tennis, table tennis, horseback riding, mountain biking and outdoor activities suitable for the special need groups. Each year, Alternative Camp has been giving one week long camping service and education camps, which mostly take place in Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. Upon demand, it gives support to the local NGO’s visiting cities such as Van, Sinop, Fatsa and Artvin providing information the necessary area accessibility for the camping and the cooperation to be made with the local institutions and organizations.

Being a pioneer and a model project in national and international platforms, Alternative Camp becomes a project of social transformation. As the project progresses and transforms into having a corporate identity, a legal identity becomes necessary to make Alternative Camp a sustainable one. In order not to inflate the already existing huge number of associations and foundations, Ercan Tutal considers to incorporate his activities under one of the currently existing organizations. Therefore, he carries on various meetings with the organizations that focus on disabilities and sports to ensure the sustainability of the project. However, as his efforts come to naught, in order to resolve this obstacle, he established AYDER (Alternative Life Association) as a roof organization that incorporates all the projects.


phentermine hcl 8mg Arts is a very important opportunity for the people who experience “social exclusion” due to their physical and mental disabilities in order that enable them to express themselves, generate new ideas and contribute economically to the society in equal terms. By turning into a business model based on this opportunity, Dreams Academy Project has started its initial works with the goal of using arts to prevent social exclusion and making sure that the people with disabilities are facilitated to become active, creative and productive individuals.


Since 2002, Social Inclusion Band is an innovative and entrepreneur project of AYDER’s Dream Academy, which enables equal participation of socially disadvantaged youngsters in life by producing culture, arts and sports. It is an international social responsibility project aimed at creating self-awareness by bringing together socially responsible artists from all over the world.


Dreams Troupe (Dusler Kumpanyasi) is a dance and theater group established with the goal of actualizing the objectives of youngsters with disabilities or social disadvantages who want to engage in arts and maybe turn this into a professional career. The first play of Dreams Troupe “A story of love” (Bir Ask Hikayesi) has been performed at the international disabled festival “Cilgin Sanat Festivali”. Manual Reina and Etnik34 group has accompanied the players with their dances.


http://inourhands.com/skills-building/recognising-depression-short-guide-parents/ Dreams Kitchen (Dusler Mutfagi), which is a sub-project of Dreams Academy, supports the social participation purpose of the academy while being an income-generating model at the same time.
Being an education workshop and production kitchen, it provides catering service to the customers while at the same time warranting professional know-how about bakery. In line with the principles of being a social enterprise, it uses the income generated for supporting the activities of more youngsters with disadvantages.


http://rowaytongardeners.org/christmas-market-workshops-are-coming-up/photo-2-16/?ajaxCalendar=1 After finalizing its restoration that started in May 2013, Dusler Akademisi Kas started its activities in April 2014 as learning by experience center, social entrepreur, culture-arts and nature park.